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Naissance Natural Health - Services and FeesNaissance Natural Health - Services and FeesNaissance Natural Health - Services and Fees

Services & Fees


Acupuncture has its origins in ancient China, dating back more than two thousand years, where it is used both as a sole treatment modality or in combination with Chinese herbal medicine. Of recent years acupuncture has gained the respect and acceptance of medical teams around the world due to the scientific research results which have shown just how valuable it is in practice. For example acupuncture with IVF treatments.

It is also very effective in treating a myriad of other conditions such as: menstrual disorders, both male and female fertility issues, stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, digestive, respiratory, immune and other health issues.



Herbal medicine is founded on a large body of knowledge acquired over centuries of clinical practice and more recently the addition of clinical research studies. Herbalists today integrate these two sources of knowledge to inform their practice on an everyday basis.

Herbal medicine is used both to treat and prevent illnesses. It is prescribed in a variety of ways such as herbal teas or as an addition to cooking, or as decoctions, liquid extracts, tablets or granules. Your practitioner will discuss these options with you and select the most appropriate option for you.



Prices reflect the length of appointments.
Please note that new clients coming for ACC, pre-conceptual care, fertility and general health require a 1 hour initial appointment and generally a 45 minute follow up. Pre-birth, breech and most pregnancy related conditions other than morning sickness usually require a 45 minute initial consult.
Acupuncture both pre and post embryo transfer at fertility clinic available on request.

Acupuncture Initial Consultation (1hr)
Initial Consultation (45mins)
Follow-up Consultation (1hr)
Follow-up Consultation (45mins)
Follow-up With Herbs (45 mins)
Phone consult for acute conditions (15 min)
ACC Surcharges Initial Consultation (1hr)
Follow-up Consultation (45mins)



Appointments are essential. Please call our reception on 09 360 1144 to make an appointment



We accept cash, cheque and we have EFTPOS card facilities. We are unable to accept credit cards.



Please allow 24 hours notice of cancellation so others may benefit from this time. Appointments that are missed, cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours will incur a 100% cancellation fee.